Monday, September 19, 2011

A Playful Twist!

We are a young family, so I'm constantly inspired by people who have a playful sense of design.  What I mean is, using... say, one of your favorite ceramic bowls to put a bunch of match box cars in on the coffee table.  I really like this designers take on incorporating kids spaces throughout this house.  I would love to grow up in a space like this!

 I'm not sure our little one would ever leave the house if we had that hanging bubble chair, but then again, why would we want to!

 All of the wallpaper choices in this house are so fun!

 The sculptural tricycle is great in combo with the vibrant rug and patriotic wing back!

This room is fantastic!  We have this Stokke Crib, but I love the way they painted it.  Great idea!

Nice collection of unusually placed mirrors!

What kid wouldn't be an avid reader with these jewels displayed in the bedroom!

I hope all of you wonderful mothers (and creative Dad's) out there who are creating an environment for your children to grow up in are inspired by this "playful twist"!  Use a favorite wooden toy as a sculptural piece in a grown up space.  It makes for such a warm and inviting gesture for the 18 month to 18 year old occupants of the house!

All images via Lonny Mag.

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