Thursday, May 26, 2011


I'm not quite sure what my husband and I were thinking, well, yes I do... we were thinking we would throw our beautiful 2 year old a proper, wild birthday party. Which means, everyone wanted to see the new house, and of course we wanted to show it off, but it wasn't anywhere near ready. So after 3 knuckle busting, late, late nights, and not even beginning to cook for the party which started at 1pm until 1:30, we pulled it off. All I can say is thank GOD for our friends and the guys who are helping us build the house. Well, it was crazy all right, and never again will I buy balloons and whistles (seriously, what was I thinking???) but it was the best party ever. Isla was just so happy!

Friday, May 13, 2011

break through

I took Isla to the pool today and came back to a new house! My goodness it is looking great. We broke thorough the old part of the house to the new addition. They started building the bookshelves, they measured for the marble and our counter stools were delivered! Fun!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The best gift...

Today Isla received the most precious handmade birthday dress and card from my best friend Julie. She did such a beautiful job and I can't wait to see the little one running around in her new strawberry dress! Thanks Jules!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Today and the past few days...

Isla taking a play date break!

Playdoh Mama and baby.

Every Thursday my favorite girls & I rotate each others houses and have play date for the little one's (and girl time for us mama's) This play date was at Sonya's beautiful straw bale home with a homemade vegetable stew, some farmhouse rosemary bread, tea, great conversation and lots of love to go around! What could be better!

Today's activity.

Nonna and Pop Pop were so thoughtful to buy Isla the cutest little porcelain tea set which she adores! We played tea for about an hour today, and she insisted on a tiny sliver of cake (or cape, which I had been interpreting as grape, boy was I wrong) on her plate. So sweet!

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother's Day! We had a beautiful brunch of Croque Madame and mimosa's along with all sorts of snuggling with my sweet little girl!

** photo via camille styles

Friday, May 6, 2011


awwww, exactly how I'm feeling today, I'd take the chance to curl up with a book anywhere.

Today was a super fast paced day, and I'm crazy exhausted...
Here's how it went:

6:45 wake up to a loud husband snore and a baby woken by dada.

7:00 Isla's breakfast (eggs, berries, cereal) Matt and I scarf down a little something.
Get dressed, Get Isla dressesd, Give hubby a kiss goodbye.

8:00 Drop Isla off at Nona's (Grandma).

8:15 Off to the Marble place.

8:45 to Lowes to pick out paint.

9:00 Get a panicked phone call that our cabinetry was delivered and seriously messed up.
(We haven't had much luck with freight deliveries)
Good thing I was at Lowes, so I talk to the cabinetry people, and shwew it's ok, they will take them back, but now the Marble can't be measured out, so call the Marble place and tell them that we have a change of plan.

10:30 Head over to Home Depot (Lowes didn't have what I needed).

11:00 Success at HD, they had the perfect Martha Stewart Grey to paint our bookshelves!

11:30 Arrive at Target, shop for Isla's 2nd Birthday Party, get Mother's Day card, get a gift for Isla's friends 1st B-day, and all our necessary house junk.

12:30 Whole Foods

1:30 Pick up Isla, who is exhausted (she normally takes a nap @10) but Nona is very exciting, so "NO SLEEPY" she says.

2:00 Drive home, get Isla down for her nap.

2:30 Unpack car, put groceries away.

3:00 Check e-mail, make calls.

3:15 Back to Santa Fe (we live 20 miles south in an artist community, Madrid) to look at a house with my Mom and Dad, they love it and I really hope it works out for them!

6:00 Holy S***T it's 6, rush home to find Isla with Dada having so much fun jumping on the couch. Relieve Matt to start back on setting the cabinet's (he's doing a great job).

7:00 Take Isla to a really nice dinner at we had the rack of lamb. She just loves them!

9:00 Put Isla to bed, Dada reads Goodnight Moon, a little nursing, and fast asleep in her crib.

9:15 Hang with Matt, admire how the house is coming together, make sure the paint I choose is going to work (yup) look at all the broken cabinetry. :(

9:30 Clean the House.

10:00 Start blogging :)

11:00 Hopefully sweet dreaming away!

Another Hectic, but Lovely day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

KITCHEN: White Shaker style cabinetry, Bianco Venatino Marble, sink, pendant lights and recycled glass backsplash.

Pendant Lights

Kitchen Sink

Bianco Venatino Marble... Honed or polished?
What do you all think??

ahhhh... design (that's a relaxing, excited ahhh)!

I have been loving this process of putting everything together! Venetian plaster has started going on the walls today, so the design of it all is really starting to... pop up! So far (knock on wood), I'm loving all the decision's we've made.

Here is a pic of the restoration hardware bar stools we choose.