Friday, June 17, 2011

Online Magazine's

Ok Ladies and Gents,
Due to the death of print magazines it has left me searching for all sorts of design inspiration, and today I found an online magazine out of Australia that I am just giddy about!
All I have to say is page 23 has me wishing I was lying in that bed! Check it out:!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Living Room Inspiration...

I love the mix of graphic patterns.

The pop of turquoise on the couch is brilliant combined with the rustic coffee table.
Sea green, moss and yellow, who would of thought it would look so serene!

I have to say, this space just makes me swoon, I love it. The ikat, settee and graphic print curtains... oh how I miss Domino Magazine!

I know my family, and this space would be grey in a day from our Santa Fe dirt, but I admire the design, and the sectional placement is exactly how I have to place mine.

I'm not sure my husband would go for the pink and eggplant velvet, but it's so cozy looking.

I love the art placement and combination choice.

Above and the next two photos are from Nancy Meyer's Movies, who always has the most impeccable homes in her films! I find myself hardly following the movie (which are always fantastic) and going crazy over the rooms!

It's Complicated

Something's Gotta Give

I just bought this bean bag cover from pottery barn for our playroom (Isla thinks it an Owl???).
I really like the pops of color and metallic choices.

I LOVE THIS SPACE! If only I had an amazing picture of our little one like that!

This Brooklyn Home is truly creative and beautiful, it really inspired our kitchen design and bookshelves/fireplace we just built.

Hope you enjoyed and found a bit of inspiration as well!

tulle pom poms!

After some brain storming about Isla's room and the playroom, I finally came up with the design and organization I want, here is a pic. of a little installation I'm going to do in the cove of her bedroom. I went to Joanne's fabric, and bought some tulle (and bonus it was on sale for$8.00) I hope she finds it magical! Stay tuned for the transformation over the next few weeks. Now on to the living room!

Image via. design sponge

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Toys, Tents & Teddy Bears

So right now I'm at a holding point on the kitchen and living room remodel, so my decorating mind has been going to play rooms and little girls bedrooms. I know, it's a fun place to be thinking about decorating. I have been so inspired by colorful, whimsical rooms. Here are a few pictures I've collected over the years.