Saturday, March 10, 2012

Plaster walls in the Master Shower

After reading a post by Brooke Giannetti on Velvet & Linen (a must read) about the idea of plastering shower walls as opposed to tile or other options, I decided to post the not yet finished, but almost there results of our master shower.

Due to budget restraints, and a lot of research we used a mix of Portland cement, marble dust, and Lyme.  The walls were given 3 hands to get the desired smoothness, and it came out beautiful. 

Are any of you thinking about plastering your shower?  If so, what are you planning on using?


  1. I love this! I am so envious and look at that tub in the background I can tell I love that too!
    Great post keep up the great work!
    -love kate

  2. Thank you so much for leaving a comment on Velvet and Linen and linking to your post.
    Your shower looks beautiful.
    Congratulations on creating your dream :)


    1. Thank you Brooke,
      That means alot coming from you!

  3. Hi Pauline,
    I love your shower. Would you mind sharing the ratio to your mix?

  4. I'm contemplating a plaster shower in my master bathroom. With our budget constraints, I'm keen on trying a DIY project. Yours is one of the few examples I can find online from any DIYer. I'm curious how well it's held up. Does it seem pretty moisture resistant? Does it clean up easily? Did you use a sealer on top of your plaster mix?

  5. I'm planning on doing my bathroom wall plaster i do not have an artisan or specialist doing it,just a general handy man. any and all information that you can give me regarding materials ratios tools and techniques would be greatly appreciated