Friday, October 28, 2011

Neutrals? This is for you Meg.

I'm not afraid of color.  Our last 2 houses were full of it, and I loved them, but as time has gone on, I'm really beginning to love and appreciate neutrals, with pops of color.  Here are some examples I have found really inspiring.

 I love how people are warming up modern, clean spaces with natural elements, and those grey bookshelves are amazing!  I would have styled them out with some color, but the neutrals really work in the space, and the pop of orange  in the fruit bowl is just what the space was calling for.

Again, neutral chalkboard paint, with the graphic striped rug, punch of orange and the natural wicker basket.  Really pretty.

I'm really into turquoise at the moment!  This space speaks for itself.

Gotta love that yellow door.  I have my brothers house all planned out whenever he'll let me re-do the exterior!  :)

 I really like how neutral, natural elements are the pop off of a black wall.

A collection of vintage textiles can be just what a room needs.  I love this.

Love how she hung the picture on the textile.

White as the pop of color!

The orange and blues still seem neutral in this space, but add a lot of warmth.

The fluorescent in the very classic space are really attractive.

This space really speaks to me.  The antique armoire reminds me of a Chinese red one I have, the desk and placement of it are beautiful.  All the stars placed throughout, and of course the pops of color are just lovely.  I might throw a punch of color on the floor.  Such a beautiful space.

Nice dressing area!

I hope you enjoyed a look into how neutral doesn't have to be boring!


  1. I love all the neutrals! My space has a lot of natural woods and white painted furniture.

  2. Thanks for this! Its helping me think of our living space a little softer, not so technicolor, but you know I would never be able to entirely give it up.

  3. Such great ideas! And yes, I love that yellow door, too!

  4. I love, love love neutrals! Always, no matter what! :p ^^